Supported formats

Format Creation Filename Extensions
7z X 7z
BZIP2 X bz2 bzip2 tbz2 tbz
GZIP X gz gzip tgz
TAR X tar
WIM X wim swm esd
XZ X xz txz
ZIP X zip zipx jar xpi odt ods docx xlsx epub
APM apm
AR ar a deb lib
ARJ arj
CAB cab
CHM chm chw chi chq
COMPOUND msi msp doc xls ppt
CPIO cpio
CramFS cramfs
DMG dmg
Ext ext ext2 ext3 ext4 img
FAT fat img
HFS hfs hfsx
HXS hxs hxi hxr hxq hxw lit
iHEX ihex
ISO iso img
LZH lzh lha
LZMA lzma
MBR mbr
MsLZ mslz
Mub mub
NSIS nsis
NTFS ntfs img
MBR mbr
RAR rar r00
RPM rpm
PPMD ppmd
QCOW2 qcow qcow2 qcow2c
SPLIT 001 002 ...
SquashFS squashfs
UDF udf iso img
UEFIc scap
UEFIs uefif
VDI vdi
VHD vhd
VMDK vmdk
XAR xar pkg
Z z taz


7-Zip creates ZIP compatible archives. 7-Zip supports the following ZIP compression methods:

Files compressed with other ZIP compression methods can't be extracted by the current version of the 7-Zip. But these supported methods are the most popular today, and therefore 7-Zip can decompress most ZIP archives. To extract files compressed with non-supported methods you must use some other ZIP utility.

7-Zip supports the Zip64 extension of ZIP format.


7-Zip supports LZH archives only for listing, browsing and decompressing. 7-Zip supports -lh0-, -lh4-, -lh5-, -lh6- and -lh7- methods.